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Tomodensitométrie axiale (Scan)
DESCRIPTION (Virtual colonoscopy)

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Using CT and specialized software, a virtual colonoscopy can view the inside of the colon for an early and accurate diagnosis of polyps, precursors of colon cancer.

This high-technology exam is safe and non-invasive, and does not require sedation. Its detection rate is as precise as that of optical colonoscopy (>90%) and clearly superior to the barium enema (<80%).

Colon cancer is a very devastating cancer and the second leading cause of cancer mortality in the population. It first appears as a benign lesion measuring only a few millimeters, then grows slowly, over several years, and becomes a polyp of 1 cm or more, or becomes cancerous. This exam is used to detect small benign lesions called polyps that we can remove (through optical colonoscopy), and thus prevent cancer.

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