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Radiologie spécialisée

Upon arrival, our staff welcomes you to check-in for your exam on the third floor.

The usual duration of the examinations is 15 minutes.

Certain types of exams require the injection of an intravenous contrast medium. That is why there is a preliminary questionnaire to assess renal function and allergy risk. Certain types of abdominopelvic scans require bowel opacification by oral ingestion, or sometimes endorectal opacification.

Most exams are done with the patient lying on his/her back without any discomfort. You may communicate with the specialized technologist at any time.

To complete the interpretation of the images obtained, it is important to bring with you THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, images and reports of previous exams related to the study that you will undergo at our clinic.

Demande de rendez-vous rapide