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Tomodensitométrie axiale (Scan)
THE EXAM PROCEDURE (Virtual Colonoscopy)

Upon arrival, our staff welcomes you to check-in for your exam on the third floor.

The exam, which lasts 15 minutes, is performed using a 16-detector high-resolution CT scanner. We will proceed with an intravenous injection of Buscopan which allows the muscles of the colon to relax to optimize intraluminal evaluation and increase patient comfort by reducing intestinal cramps. Two sets of images are taken, while you lay on your stomach and on your back, after blowing an adequate amount of CO2 into the colon.

Afterward, images of the colon, reconstructed in 3D by the most powerful software currently available (Viatronix), are analyzed by the radiologist.

This exam is safe, and no prior medication or sedation is necessary. It is not necessary to be accompanied by someone, and you can return to work or your normal activities right after the exam.

Demande de rendez-vous rapide