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Upon arrival, our staff welcomes you to check-in for your exam on the third floor.

The technologist will install you in a comfortable position within the MRI system, with the body part to be imaged placed at the center of the receiving antenna. You may contact the technologist by microphone at any time during the exam. Using headphones, you can also listen to the radio or to music of your choice.

The exam duration varies between 15 and 60 minutes; most exams last around thirty minutes.

Some studies require the injection of a contrast medium (gadolinium), which is generally well tolerated. Side effects are rare.

It is very rare that claustrophobic patients fail to complete their MRI. Our experienced staff assists you throughout the exam and our clinic has a wide-bore system. Sometimes, the prescription of anti-anxiety medication by your doctor can help. In this case, you must be accompanied and are not allowed to drive.

To complete the interpretation of the images obtained, it is important to bring with you, THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, images and reports of previous exams related to the study that you will undergo at our clinic.

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