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Description (Prostate imaging)

Multiparametric prostate MRI

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in Canadian men and the third cause of death among them. One of eight men will suffer from it and one out of 28 will die from it.

One of the most crucial issues is detecting the significant versus less significant prostate cancers. APS levels and prostatic biopsies suffer from major flaws. APS levels may increase in non neoplastic disease. Biopsies might not survey the most agressive part of the neoplasia or might detect non significant cancers. Recent medical litterature has shown that prostatic MRI can exclude 95-97 % of non significant cancers and shows a direct correlation between the radiological aspect and the agressiveness of the lesion.

Prostatic MRI is a 30 minute long, painless exam, usually requiring an intravenous injection of gadolinum, done without an endorectal coil. It is useful to detect, evaluate the extent of cancer and its response to treatment and also to plan an appropriate biopsy.

To ensure the best interpretation of the MRI examination, the results of prior APS levels and biopsies as well as the course of treatment already received are important.


Transrectal biopsy of the prostate

The transrectal prostate biopsy service is not available at the clinic. However, the clinic's prostate imaging medical team is also in charge of prostate imaging at Charles-LeMoyne Hospital. Should you require a prostate biopsy following your prostate MRI, your attending physician can send a biopsy prescription to the hospital and your images and test reports will follow to ensure continuity of care.

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